My Review of STRUCK by Jennifer Bosworth

STRUCK, by Jennifer Bosworth, was an amazing and exciting story that left me breathless at times. Mia is a strong, willful, great character who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe in the stories post-apocalyptic setting. I love Mia being a lightning addict because it is highly intriguing and I adore the whole “what-ifs” of science. With Fringe being one of my favorite shows, Mia’s ability was just awesome to discover and imagine in my mind!

The characters in STRUCK are well developed, personable and interesting. Jennifer does an amazing job at describing Los Angeles and it was so well done it was easy to visualize which made the story even better. The weaving of religion into the environment of the story worked for me and I really enjoyed that element because it is not done very often and brings believability to the story and characters. The love story between Mia and Jeremy also worked and was nicely done. I didn’t mind their instant love connection because in real life, events and situations tend to connect people emotionally in much faster ways.

Overall, splendid story and I’m looking forward to more from this great and talented author, Jennifer Bosworth! Go read STRUCK!!!


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