The Beginning Of A Wondrous Voyage

Hello everyone,

I hope to keep up with this blog the best I can. I am quite busy with writing YA novels and fitting in a screenplay here and there. I plan on blogging about my writing process both with novels and scripts. One of these fine blogs I will compare a pros vs the same via script format. I’ll be updating here and on my website any major announcements. Reading is slow for me these days, but I hope to put up some reviews for novels yet to be read and I’ll definitely post the ones I have already reviewed.

To start things off, I’ll give ya’ll a short description of my upcoming YA novel Summer’s Shadow:

Summer’s Shadow is book one in the Sierra Winters and the Void paranormal-fantasy series.
When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy saves her life.Sierra Winters and the Void: Summer’s Shadow┬áis a YA paranormal-fantasy about Sierra Winters who discovers The Void, a realm filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. Sierra’s life is already complicated enough when she’s kidnapped, almost dies, obtains powers she can’t comprehend and has a psychopath from The Void who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot, hunting for her cord. Sierra’s only bright spots are her two best friends and the handsome blue-eyed boy she yearns for, but can’t be with because she doesn’t know how to willfully leave her body and enter his realm – until she discovers that he has secrets of his own.

Have a good one!

May your creamy peanut butter and pure maple syrup never run dry.

Craig MacLachlan