Summer’s Shadow Book Cover And Contest!!!!

Everybody! The official cover for Summer’s Shadow is now out! The competition to win a large poster of the cover also starts today, based upon a question in chapter one! Go the the link below, my publishers FTP magazine and check it out! From there you find links to download the chapter, the cover and an email link to answer the question! Whoever wins I would love to personally sign it for them after they get it!

Summer's Shadow cover



My Review of STRUCK by Jennifer Bosworth

STRUCK, by Jennifer Bosworth, was an amazing and exciting story that left me breathless at times. Mia is a strong, willful, great character who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe in the stories post-apocalyptic setting. I love Mia being a lightning addict because it is highly intriguing and I adore the whole “what-ifs” of science. With Fringe being one of my favorite shows, Mia’s ability was just awesome to discover and imagine in my mind!

The characters in STRUCK are well developed, personable and interesting. Jennifer does an amazing job at describing Los Angeles and it was so well done it was easy to visualize which made the story even better. The weaving of religion into the environment of the story worked for me and I really enjoyed that element because it is not done very often and brings believability to the story and characters. The love story between Mia and Jeremy also worked and was nicely done. I didn’t mind their instant love connection because in real life, events and situations tend to connect people emotionally in much faster ways.

Overall, splendid story and I’m looking forward to more from this great and talented author, Jennifer Bosworth! Go read STRUCK!!!

My Review of FLICKER by Kaye Thornbrugh

I bought this book directly from Kaye Thornbrugh at our local Hastings bookstore. Kaye was a pleasure to meet, I got my book signed and I’m so glad I meandered my way over to check out her novel, FLICKER!

FLICKER is full of wonderful characters, great plots/subplots, the world is well thought out and believable and the romance in the story builds slowly which works beautifully! What I truly liked about the story was that it was different and the elements were very deep in nature which made for a great reading experience.

Kaye is a very talented author with a great muse and FLICKER, being her first novel, is a fantastic start to her career and I seriously can’t wait to read more from her in the future!

My Review of STARTERS by Lissa Price

I truly enjoyed STARTERS from beginning to end. What an amazing concept and I was hooked all the way through. The characters are well thought and fleshed out and I found myself caring for them, which is what a reader wants! Callie is a great main character and the book leaves the reader in suspense until ENDERS comes out. Lissa Price is an amazing author!

Review of CINDER by Marissa Meyer

Cinder, the debut YA novel by Marissa Meyer, hits the pumpkin out of fairy tale land. What I like about this twist on the classic tale of Cinderella is the interweaving of science fiction into the story. From the first sentence to the final word of the novel I was hooked.

Cinder, who is the heroine and also a cyborg, is one of the top android mechanics in the land and the money she makes supports her family. The story is similar and not similar in many different ways to the original classic. Marissa Meyer is able to make her version fresh and approachable to not only the older generation of readers, but also to the younger one as well.

I’m really looking forward to book two, Scarlet, and the rest of the four book series. The Lunar Chronicles are shaping up to be a fantastic series which should grow in popularity and interest as word spreads about Marissa Meyer and her spectacular writing.

Forgotten and Replaced

Times have changed.

I am filled with silence. I miss the voices of youth that once filled me with joy. From laughter to the cries of scraped skin, I yearn for their return. My swings only move when wind gives them a push, but its like watching a ghost. My slide is filled with debris and footprints from scurrying children no longer adorn my sand. The deep green of my grass is everywhere, full and vibrant with no signs of use. I miss the feeling of shoe’d and bare feet upon my natural cushion. No longer do I pad children flying kites, wrestling about, chasing one another, playing tag or hide-and-seek. Students no longer sit against my trees, or cross-legged on my grass doing homework, reading a book or contemplating life. Football-soccer-baseball-kickball, none of it is left. All I have are my memories which fade with every passing day I am forgotten. I’m like a fairy tale, if no one believes in me I cease to exist. The past echoes to me, yet lately those echoes are softening like falling marshmallows onto a hard floor. Daily I watch children walk past me, not giving me a single look or care. I stretch my blades of grass to touch them, to invoke a flash or memory to remind them of who I am.

But it’s pointless. I am lonely, sad and depressed. Some of my friends have been torn down, upturned and made into concrete slabs. I await my fate and dream of years gone by. Perhaps one day in the future youth will discover my kind once again, but for that to happen the world would need to drastically change.

I am a park. A playground. A place for children of all ages to enjoy themselves and interact socially with each other. My playsets made of metal and wood are rusting and rotting. My benches and picnic tables are falling apart. Nobody cares enough to fix me. I am a relic, a has-been, some ancient form of  entertainment not hip enough for today’s society.

I have been forgotten, replaced by technology.

Times have changed.

©2013 Craig MacLachlan

The Beginning Of A Wondrous Voyage

Hello everyone,

I hope to keep up with this blog the best I can. I am quite busy with writing YA novels and fitting in a screenplay here and there. I plan on blogging about my writing process both with novels and scripts. One of these fine blogs I will compare a pros vs the same via script format. I’ll be updating here and on my website any major announcements. Reading is slow for me these days, but I hope to put up some reviews for novels yet to be read and I’ll definitely post the ones I have already reviewed.

To start things off, I’ll give ya’ll a short description of my upcoming YA novel Summer’s Shadow:

Summer’s Shadow is book one in the Sierra Winters and the Void paranormal-fantasy series.
When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy saves her life.Sierra Winters and the Void: Summer’s Shadow is a YA paranormal-fantasy about Sierra Winters who discovers The Void, a realm filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. Sierra’s life is already complicated enough when she’s kidnapped, almost dies, obtains powers she can’t comprehend and has a psychopath from The Void who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot, hunting for her cord. Sierra’s only bright spots are her two best friends and the handsome blue-eyed boy she yearns for, but can’t be with because she doesn’t know how to willfully leave her body and enter his realm – until she discovers that he has secrets of his own.

Have a good one!

May your creamy peanut butter and pure maple syrup never run dry.

Craig MacLachlan